BrazilianStudz presents: Johnathan de Sousa, Jefferson Callvam and Denis Mello
Sexy Latin top Johnathan de Sousa starts to play with giant-dicked Jeferson Gallvam.  Fare-skinned Denis Mello joins them as voyeur Ramon looks on -- beating off.  The three-way fuck begins, trading partners, until climaxes are coaxed from their fat cocks.  The scene explodes with muscular, white-meat, Denis Mello rubbing his body while masturbating his massive meat and blowing his massive load of manly cum while watching the two boyfriends fuck the hell out of each other.
Brazilian Studz present: Flavo de Silva and Darien Leon
In just a towel and a necklace, Flavo de Silva and his gorgeous bod prepare breakfast for his equally tight boyfriend, Darien Leon. The terry all but pops off of Flavo, since it couldn't stand a chance against his thick boner, which Darien dutifully sucks with lots of licking. Darien has a fun curving cock, but it's all tasty to Flavo. Watch Darien's face adore the blowjob. Darien fucks Flavo confidently, the whole strange-shaped piece fitting into Flavor perfectly. Flavo lays Darien down on the table to fuck him, sliding effortlessly around in his ass. All this grand exercise and before breakfast!
BrazilianStudz presents: Pero Botenino, Denis Torres and Pero Coresma
What an incredibly beautiful jungle it is! Not just the verdant greenery --  also the chocolate-colored muscle-macho Pero Boteino who stands beating his enormous meat -- hungry for company from any one of the bazillion Brazilian boys lurking behind the tangled mass of trees!  Sun-kissed blonde beauty Pero Coresma ends up being the lucky bottom.  First, they’re joined in their cliffside jungle nook by Latin super-beauty Denis Torres, who constantly keeps a vigilant eye, even as he gets power-blown by the blonde Brazilian studmuffin.   After swallowing and choking on his dark top’s human anaconda, Pero Coresma squirms his eager ass up and down the entire length of Pero Boteino’s impressive donkey-dick.  After the black beauty awards his bottom with a juicy load of cum, he runs away into the jungle leaving blondie and the Latin supermodel to deposit their sweaty loads all over the jungle brush!

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